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Tudoria’s plot
The scene is set for Tudoria's imminent demise. Akemi and her forces declare war on Tudoria attacking first the city of Pa'loo and it's neighbors. Joining her are the Wraith clans of Tel'atna, the Barbarians of the Northern Point and several high powered Dragon's from the Draconith clan. What can Tudoria do? Submit? Or can a allegiance be made by a couple of Tudoria's finest combat men and women. Which side are you going to be on?
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Tudoria's history

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Post  admin on Mon Aug 16, 2010 1:29 pm

I will make this brief as possible and less confusing as much as I can.

There was a Goddess who was very bored of her life from her realm,she asked the "Drei Elders" if she could observe the planet of Tudoria and report back to her Elders of her findings,honestly they really never cared that much of the people,they thought them primitive and destroyers of life. This Goddess Neleah,journeyed to Tudoria and fell in love with a human man,named Alt'uanaith...Uanaith, lost himself in the Goddess was once a warrior,now a slave to her beauty and love,but another man sought the Goddess out, this man possessed a unique character,and unusual magic that inspired her she gave up her true love for power that he possessed something dark and uncontrollable,and the Goddess, a sucker for "the bad guy" eventually bore him a son,Uanaiith,begged Neleah to see the error of her ways and she felt pity on him,gave Uanailth,power from her,she wanted to see the two men fight. While Rasisael Degain knew what she was doing,he let himself get drawn into her tug of war with them and the clan seperated into 7 main families for Uanaiilth and 7 clans for Rasisael.

Names of Uanailth tribes-

Names of the Degian Clan-
4. Leynard
7.Wairnon-later known as the Drige shade
7. Zivyr

Neleah successfully divided the country of Tudoria into fragments,some say it was the best intervention by the Drei. But a lot will point out it only serves an example of what the Drei are capable of doing and how little respect and little self-restraint they have on their own kind,history inevitably will repeat itself now they're focus are on the mortals.

Over time the clans slowly broke apart and became the respected races we see now on Tudoria. The Vaedon (Northern Elves),Idoc (gnomes) Uana (Native humans) Ausis (Tree elves) Zivyr (beasts with human bodies) Florian (an off spring of Ausis/human)
Orcs,gobblins,salamanders,Undine and more came out of the shadows of the humans and elves.

With Neleah gone with her son back to Drei things were more peaceful,until at the age of 5, he was banished,sadly Neleah for once experiencing pain like no other emotion had to leave him to the world below,she was given permission to visit him once every 10 years,but she would accept wouldn't argue,he was a result of a mixed blood and didn't belong amongst the Drei Gods. But this time they wouldn't make anymistakes,they striped most of his powers,or dulled most of them. But he was alone and Neleah saw this and she went to a small village with in the Florian people,she sensed a similiar creature like her son,they somehow were the same,this one a little older with bright hair she took and named him her sons protector and loyal cousin. So thus they were together Dai and Akiko,somehow cousins by blood,brothers in heart. They were found alone on a rainy day by two young grils,they saw the boys working hard in a soy field. The one girl took pity and knew there was something about the two farming boys,they begged their fathers to keep them in their household.And it has remained such.


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