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The scene is set for Tudoria's imminent demise. Akemi and her forces declare war on Tudoria attacking first the city of Pa'loo and it's neighbors. Joining her are the Wraith clans of Tel'atna, the Barbarians of the Northern Point and several high powered Dragon's from the Draconith clan. What can Tudoria do? Submit? Or can a allegiance be made by a couple of Tudoria's finest combat men and women. Which side are you going to be on?
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Post  admin on Tue Dec 28, 2010 1:23 pm

Name: Dai
Last: His clan name which at the moment consists of Akiko and himself is "Ri"
Height: 6'0"
Weight: 185
Eye color: Blue
Hair color: very pale blond


Dai's complexion is very pale which makes him appear sickly or weak to most but I soft glow can be seen on his skin sometimes which makes the observer remind him of Deity colour. Most Deities have a pale and glowing colour one of the Deity characteristics,with the exception of dark skinned Deities which have red glowing tint to their skin, blue Deities to gray have blue glows,yellow skinned yellow glow and etc.

Dai hasn't been classified as a Deity but he still has a glow to him which makes the observer wonder about him.

On his skin are runes some are invisible some are visible the only visible ones we see are the tops and palms of his hands. These runes give him the ability to push or pull an object or person.

Dai is muscular but not overly so he tries to balance studying and physical activities to keep himself over all healthy.

His facial features are fey like he does have sharp nose making him look intimating,the shape of his eyes are almond like adding more to the uniqueness of his facial features and the color of sky blue. He has a chin that is pointy and he really hates it and he doesn't like his looks at all because he looks like either he's from the Bladelands (a place in the shadowlands and where a lot of non humans live elf,gnomes etc.) In general he doesn't think about his looks or he just ignores it going about his business.

Dai's clothing is usually leather and black,black is his favorite color and most would agree even he agrees on this that black leather looks good on him most women like it because it makes him along with his features look like a rogue and we know women like a mysterious,dangerous man.


Dai for the most part is very calm about things but he holds a grudge longer than most, He can be very professional like in his manner and even the way he talks with an air like an professor he doesn't take his training for granted but his relationships he may and sometimes he neglects his personal relationships making him appear aloof or insensitive about others and their lives/problems.

In fighting he's a contradiction he uses his anger in the same way his cousin uses his anger in fighting but that only weakens his will instead of strengthening him like it would Akiko. And in several battles he's has gotten or almost gotten hurt because of this and Akiko basically comes to the rescue and finishes what Dai couldn't finish,this eventually makes Akiko feel hostile to Dai,he personally wants Dai do things on his own but struggles with leaving Dai or helping him. When Dai is able to grow emotionally he is able to channel himself and make the appropriate shifts making him a lethal and formidable fighter.

On the light side,Dai is a quirky humor,sometimes uncomfortable and painful for Akiko to watch and with serious relationships,seriously inept at times making one wonder how Dai is able to even dress in front of a mirror. To say the least Dai is complex and at times immature,aloof,insensitive emotionally disconnected,but intelligent and skillful with weapons,runes,spells and diplomatic solutions, He is a quick thinker and able to perform under pressure. With some fine tuning and growth he becomes a heavy force.

Magical abilities:

The first and foremost magic he uses all the time is teleporting within shades or shadows of an object,alive or intangible. He manipulates this in a way where he can attack without anyone knowing,he'll attack you from your own shadow.

But if Dai is in this underworld veil for too long it changes him,his skin turns black and arms are longer with claws,his face while is still human it is apparent that the entity he's changed into is not from any place where light exists,eyes turn black with purple looking speckles of what will like a cluster of stars. When light reflects from them they are yellow.

He struggles a lot with this side of his nature, Dai refuses to use most of the shadowlands magic he knows what will happen but he finds he slowly does turn even more faster when he has a quest that brings him within the boundaries of the dark lands.

His armour he can change with a thought,he's never been able to do this before until Akiko made some interesting Elvin armour for him and he's been able to change and alter with less than split second of a thought.

The magic is invisible for just a basic push or pull but the colour changes to dark purple to black when he concentrates or the bigger the object the darker the pulling/pushing magic turns.

The push spell is circular ball when Dai uses this rune it stronger than the pulling rune and he is able to actually turn it into an offensive move with this skill he can speed the push spell and use smaller bursts this allows him not to use all of his energy and may not be affective using it in singular shots but with multiple shots it becomes faster making it harder for an enemy to keep up with the attacks and recover.

Since Dai is part Drige,like most Drige he has a dark power,similar to necromancy their power can animate something living (possession) or dead (undead corpses) the Drige can gain a persons mind seeing their thoughts and intents and Dai does something similar but reads emotions better usually it comes to him as "that's how it feels" to him but he confuses this at first with his instincts (since the visions are so fast in his mind) until he figures out that he can visualizes others emotions.His skin is very sensitive so much so Akiko mother made an dark cloak with a hood weaved in Elvin magic to protect him from the sun,it's a material that keeps him cool in the warm months and warm in the colder months. If there's direct sun on him that his cloak can not keep the sun off of his face he covers it with a black covering till only his eyes are exposed.Later Akiko makes a serum where Dai can apply it to his skin and with stand the sun for three hours but that comes with still some side effects and pain.

He also finds out early on he use other people's powers by absorbing their power by placing rune made into another's chest it is a complicated symbol and requires the person giving Dai their live to follow him. Which the only known person to have this rune symbol on his chest is Akiko,in rare times Dai needed his cousin's power it seems Dai is a catalyst and can use the other persons power amplifying it 20X that of it's original person. While Dai draws this power the person is non responsive and wakes up weak taking weeks sometimes to recover. Exception is Akiko that is elf. He only needs an hour of meditation. Or he can heal quicker in his florian hut.

Much to Dai's chagrin some natural abilities that aren't from the Drige but from his mother's side is the gift of influence and seduction. Unfortunately he doesn't know what's going on til it's too late and he finds himself in the middle of a pub surrounded by people,singing gay folk songs on love and posterity.

As Dai's journey presses on he learns darker magic getting closer that of a deity and away from humanity. As we find out later he is the product of a God and Drige pairing and is fact a demi-god eventually becomes a deity himself which requires self sacrifice.


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