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Tudoria’s plot
The scene is set for Tudoria's imminent demise. Akemi and her forces declare war on Tudoria attacking first the city of Pa'loo and it's neighbors. Joining her are the Wraith clans of Tel'atna, the Barbarians of the Northern Point and several high powered Dragon's from the Draconith clan. What can Tudoria do? Submit? Or can a allegiance be made by a couple of Tudoria's finest combat men and women. Which side are you going to be on?
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Post  Rudill Breakcutter on Thu Nov 29, 2012 7:38 am

"How may be of service to you?" Rudill asks the young woman. "I have many services to offer but right now I'm ready to cut you a deal if you give me one thing in return."

Akemi smiled her sweet smile at him,she knows exactly what he's wanting from her,for price she may give in...eventually.

"I want your service and your army, I want Tudoria and all it's inhabitants to kneel before me." she slides closer to him a hand raises to his cheek and she caresses him. "I have powerful people on my side Rudill Breakcutter and I need someone by my side because when I've taken over this country I'm not stopping.Are you that man to stand by my side? To rule this world?"

Rudill kissed the inside of her palm and laid it against his heart. " My lady I will do whatever ye ask of me. I will plunder Tudoria myself and rip the hearts out of each person with my own hands." He pressed himself against her,letting her know of his current need. "I have my own army and have been waiting for you to come to me, I saw you in my dreams,taking over this world returning everything back to what it should be. No Gods or Goddesses just us ruling and worshiping each other."

"Mmm..I should of came to you earlier my lord."

"Everything happens in it's own time for a reason, we must choose our path carefully and with time we will get our hearts desires..I have seen it foretold. "

She moves away from him,he felt the heat of her body leave him and he became annoyed.

"I will soon send you someone to help you."

"I don't need help, my lady."

"Oh but you will it's not going to be easy Rudill,but soon when that someone comes to you, listen to him,he's wise and strong. "

She walks back to him and caresses his crotch. "In the meantime, think of me will you? I can't wait to start the cleansing." she kisses him deeply.

"My lady you are ...convincing...I will wait for this 'someone' but don't keep me waiting."

She laughs a dainty laugh. "My lord I will not keep you waiting be patient for me my drow." and she walks to her horse,rides away to the city of Tudoria.
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