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Tudoria’s plot
The scene is set for Tudoria's imminent demise. Akemi and her forces declare war on Tudoria attacking first the city of Pa'loo and it's neighbors. Joining her are the Wraith clans of Tel'atna, the Barbarians of the Northern Point and several high powered Dragon's from the Draconith clan. What can Tudoria do? Submit? Or can a allegiance be made by a couple of Tudoria's finest combat men and women. Which side are you going to be on?
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Kagai's Profile

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Kagai's Profile

Post  Kagai on Fri Mar 02, 2012 6:49 am

Name : Kagai Akuhei
Sex : Male
Species : Humanoid
Race : Shinigami/Arrancar
Zanpakuto Name : Zetsumei
Release Phrase : "Rise up from The Ashes, Zetsumei!"
Eye Color : Dark Blue
Hair Color : Dark Brown/Black
Hair Style : Short and Spikey
Background : Kagai was once a Soul Reaper in The Soul Society he was unseated on Squad 13. He was a rather powerful Shinigami and he loved to fight and prove himself to his peers. He was fond of everyone in The Soul Society. Things had started to happen and his views began to change. They started to change when Aizen turned his back against The Soul Reapers and defected to Heuco Mundo. Kagai took it upon himself to follow Aizen in a plan to bring back Aizen and the other Soul Reapers he had brought with him. The plain failed and now in the eyes of The Soul Society, Kagai has turned his back on The Soul Society and there kind.


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